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Information about company Demaxi

Demaxi is a Russian company specializing in gaming mats. We created without exaggeration the best product for our children, who are happy to share with you.

Demaxi rugs have a number of advantages that will be appreciated by adults and their children:

• Absolutely safe materials. Rugs have world-class quality standards and certificates.

• Soft, warm and waterproof. They have 7 layers of protection, which: provide unsurpassed softness to the rug, protect against bruises when falling, and with active games. Do not miss the cold, keep the heat! Do not let the moisture.

• Vivid pictures. The figure is under the protective layer, does not contact the child. This prevents the rug from losing brightness and color saturation.

• Antibacterial, environmentally friendly. Children's safety is extremely important for us. The material from which the mats are made does not allow the multiplication of bacteria. Ecologically clean, without any smell.